Never stress about your tracking setup again.

Put an end to tracking headaches and boost ad performance with our best in class integration platform.


Better tracking

Add 1 line of code per event and let datahappy handle the rest.

Zero technical complexity

Get the best practice implementation for each integration without needing to sweat the technical details.

Server-side tracking built in

All events are automatically sent from a server ensuring the highest accuracy & consistency.

Wildly better ad performance

With all major ad platforms supported including Facebook/Instagram, Google, Tiktok & LinkedIn.

Pro attribution

Stop wondering where your leads, users & purchases are coming from.

Integrates with your existing tools

datahappy works in the background, sending the data on to whichever tools you're already using.

First and last touch UTM data

Understand which sources/channels are performing and thereby make better marketing decisions.

No duplicate user profiles

Connect visitors/users between websites (and even your mobile app), putting an end to duplicate profiles.

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Other features

GA4 integration

Upgrade to the latest version of Google Analytics with automatic server-side tracking for the most reliable data.

Cookie consent

Remain compliant under GDPR/CCPA with tracking consent platforms like OneTrust.

Data enrichments

Enrich new leads with company info or turn latitude/longitude data into an address.

You're in great company.

What customers say about us


Having tried multiple solutions, we finally found one that truly works with datahappy. It's simplified our tracking setup, significantly improved our paid campaign performance and allows us to answer questions previously out of reach.

Joel Freeman - Co-Founder at Heights

We struggled with the complexities of tracking conversions across multiple ad networks. datahappy seamlessly integrates with them all and honestly I can't imagine running our campaigns without it.

Xander Gilbert - Founder at Mojo

datahappy has revolutionised our conversion tracking, leading to significant improvements in our CAC/ROAS – it's become an indispensable tool for our business.

Dylan Bourguignon - Founder at SO-SURE

Not only do we now know where our users are coming from, we're also able to optimise campaigns by in-app conversions previously unavailable. Game changer.

Youssef Darwich - Co-founder at Nosso

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