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Simplify your tracking setup, unlock reliable insights and boost ad performance.


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Constant tracking issues

End the frustration of frequent tracking problems and unreliable data.

Lack of insights

Gain clear, actionable insights from your data, leading to smarter decision-making.

Poor ad performance

Optimise your ad campaigns with high-quality data, enhancing ROAS and marketing efficiency.

...and hello to simplicity and superior tracking

Never stress about tracking issues again.

One line of code integration

Simplify your setup and be live in days with just a single line of code per event.

Comprehensive tracking

From pixels to server-side tracking, we've baked in best practices across every integration.

Automatic updates

You'll always have the best possible tracking in place without ever having to lift a finger.


You're in great company

What customers say about us.


Having tried multiple solutions, we finally found one that truly works with datahappy. It's simplified our tracking setup, significantly improved our paid campaign performance and allows us to answer questions previously out of reach.

Joel Freeman - Co-Founder at Heights

We struggled with the complexities of tracking conversions across multiple ad networks. datahappy seamlessly integrates with them all and honestly I can't imagine running our campaigns without it.

Xander Gilbert - Founder at Mojo

datahappy has revolutionised our conversion tracking, leading to significant improvements in our CAC/ROAS – it's become an indispensable tool for our business.

Dylan Bourguignon - Founder at SO-SURE

Not only do we now know where our users are coming from, we're also able to optimise campaigns by in-app conversions previously unavailable. Game changer.

Youssef Darwich - Co-founder at Nosso

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