How datahappy came to be.

The company and our 'why'

We are Drivn, a data & analytics consultancy and the team behind datahappy.

We work with tech companies from Seed through Series X and help them set up their data infrastructure, measure the right metrics and, ultimately, make better decisions.

What gets us out of bed in the morning (apart from enjoying the work itself) is how much of an impact we are able to have when our clients are that much more likely to succeed and make the world a better place with their new data superpowers 🚀

The strategy

The plan was always to create a product at some stage but the strategic approach we took was to initially work with as many clients as possible and identify a problem that fit the following 3 criteria:

  1. Frequency: a challenge that came up again and again;
  2. Pain: the pain felt by clients was really high;
  3. Complexity: the solution was technically complicated.

The aha moment

It became apparent fairly quickly that conversion tracking & attribution not only ticked all 3 boxes but was in its own league of complexity (especially on mobile) compared to all of our other data related service areas.

And excitingly, we realised that the solution was repeatable and predictable. And therefore we could 'bottle it' as a product.

The product goal

The goal was really simple: what if anyone could spin up a pro implementation across all major platforms in minutes with just a single line of code... And have all the complexity handled automatically under the hood?

A tech iceberg where customers only needed to know what they needed without having to worry about how to implement it.

That would be cool.

And with that goal in mind, datahappy was born.

We really hope you love it as much as we've enjoyed building it for you 🙂

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