What counts as a "processed event"?

Processed events are conversion events processed by datahappy where datahappy was able to add value e.g. tracking the conversion server-side back to Facebook or enriching the event with UTMs.

Which analytics events should go through datahappy?

Just your key (1-6) conversion events. In practice, your marketing efforts will be measured based on just a handful of events — it's these events where it's important to a) track them back to the ad networks accurately, b) attribute them for your internal analytics.

How is datahappy different to GTM?

The main difference is that datahappy is declarative vs imperative. This means you tell datahappy what you want, without having to worry about the 'how'. Whereas with GTM, it's on you to configure everything yourself, resulting in bugs, broken implementations and broken dreams. And that's before you've even tried to set up GTM server-side 🙈

Is datahappy compatible with GTM?

Yes, the datahappy SDK can be loaded via a GTM tag if preferred.

Does datahappy integrate with GA4?

Yes – simply follow our guide to grab your measurement ID and generate a secret key and datahappy will start sending events to your GA4 property ✨

Is it possible to connect datahappy to our CRM?

Yes, datahappy has a native HubSpot integration that automatically preserves attribution info and website engagement that ends up on the contact record. You can also easily connect datahappy to Zapier via a webhook.

Does datahappy integrate with Zapier?

Yes, datahappy integrates with Zapier via webhook, allowing you to connect to any of their integrations too 🔥

Is datahappy compatible with CDPs like Segment.com?

Yes, datahappy is designed to work seamlessly with Segment and RudderStack – both on the front end (browser) and server-side – and is fully API compatible.

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