How SO-SURE Boosted ROAS by 132% and Reduced CAC by 23% with datahappy

SO-SURE is an innovative insurance company that has turned the traditional insurance model upside down. They are growing fast, running ads across Google and Facebook.

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100%conversions tracked

datahappy has revolutionised our conversion tracking, leading to significant improvements in our CAC/ROAS – it's become an indispensable tool for our business.

Dylan Bourguignon - CEO at So-Sure


  • Rising acquisition costs due to iOS 14.5.
  • Constant tracking issues with Google Tag Manager.
  • Errors and "Poor" event match quality in Facebook.
  • Huge discrepancies in conversions between their web app and Google/Facebook.
  • Duplicate events and missing data in GA4 reports.
  • Server-side setup too complex.
  • Messy and inconsistent dataLayer.


  • Implemented datahappy with 1 line of code per conversion.
  • No more tracking issues.
  • Automatic server-side tracking.
  • 100% of conversions delivered to Facebook with no errors and a "Great" event match quality.
  • Enhanced conversions auto uploaded to Google.
  • Significant increase in ROAS and reduction in CAC.
  • Automatic GA4 integration including rich product data.
  • Automatic Mixpanel integration complete with attribution (UTM) data for performance analysis.
  • Automatic dataLayer implementation.

The Setup


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